Museo Leonardiano of Vinci

The Museo Leonardiano of Vinci is one of the most authoritative exhibition spaces devoted to the Italian genius lived between the 15th and the 16th centuries. It is located right in the historic center of Vinci, the hometown of Leonardo, where the genius spent part of his childhood before moving to Florence with his father.
In the museum, Leonardo is described as an architect, technologist, scientist and engineer who has revolutionized the Renaissance technique. Inside the halls are over 60 models of natural size and working machines invented by Leonardo. Along with each work there are precise references to the manuscript notes of the master, original drawings and sketches. Recently, have also been installed some illustrative panels with which the visitor can interact to know the particulars and curiosities of exposed machines.
The Museo Leonardiano is housed in the rooms of two adjacent historic buildings, in the heart of the village: the Castle of the Counts Guidi and the Palazzina Uzielli. In Vinci you can also visit Leonardo’s birthplace and the Leonardo Library that contains the reproduction of all manuscript notes and books of the genius. The library is the most important point of reference for Leonardo’s scholars.