Hotel Villa Cappugi is located just outside Pistoia, on the hillsclose to downtown (only two kilometers), in a position that allows guests to comfortably reach both the city’s historic heart and the splendid surrounding areas of Pistoia’s Tuscan countryside. Thehotel is easily reachable from highway A11 Firenze Mare and is well connected to the airports of Florence and Pisa and to Pistoia’s train station.

A must see during your stay in ahotel in Pistoia, is the city center (Hotel Villa Cappugi is only two kilometers away). The splendidpiazza del Duomo, framed by the two colors of the Cathedral, Baptistery and beautiful Vescovi, Comunale and Pretorio Palaces, is one of Italy’s most beautiful squares whilst the hills of Pistoia’s surrounding areas offer some of Tuscany’s interesting landscapes. Cimone and Abetone are the mountains in Pistoia’s surrounding areas. They are about 2000 meters high and theEcomuseo della Montagna (Mountain Ecomuseum) with itineraries, visitor’s center and museum is a prime example of eco-compatible tourism.

The famous and fairytale like Parco di Pinocchio (Pinocchio’s Park) at Collodi; theOsservatorio Astronomico (Astronomy Observatory) in San Marcello Pistoiese to gaze at the sky without being disturbed by sounds, light and pollution, the Ponte sospeso sulla Lima (Suspended Bridge on Lima) at Mammiano Basso (220 meters long and 40 meters high, at the highest point), one of the world’s longest pedestrian bridges, the Terme (or spas) of Montecatini and Monsumanno (Hotel Villa Cappugi has arrangements with Grotta Giusti), are only some of the wonderful places to visit during your stay at Hotel Villa Cappugi, one of Pistoia’s most appreciated 4 star hotels.


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