From Abetone to Lake Scaffaiolo

This path is a classic of the Pistoia mountains. We start from Abetone, climb through the beech forest of Pian di Novello and reach Lake Scaffaiolo, a small alpine lake surrounded by imposing peaks.

The path is well signposted and does not present particular difficulties, but it is still important to be in good physical shape, especially if you decide to follow it in summer, when the heat can be intense.

Length: 13.5 km
Difference in altitude: 700 m
Travel time: 5-6 hours
Difficulty: Medium

The route begins in Abetone, in the “La Funivia” area. Follow the CAI 106 path that goes up through the beech forest of Pian di Novello. The path is well signposted and does not present particular difficulties.

After about 3 kilometers you reach Rifugio La Capanna. From here you continue on the CAI 107 path which climbs up to Lake Scaffaiolo.

Lake Scaffaiolo is a small alpine lake located at 1762 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by towering peaks, including Corno alle Scale, Monte Libro Aperto and Monte Belvedere.

The travel time of the route is approximately 5-6 hours, depending on the pace of walking and physical condition.


It is advisable to wear suitable trekking shoes.
It is advisable to bring water, food and a first aid kit with you.
It is advisable to find out about the conditions of the trail before setting off.

Points of interest

Beech forest of Pian di Novello
La Capanna refuge
Scaffaiolo Lake
Corno alle Scale
Mount Open Book
Mount Belvedere


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