Dialoghi sull’Uomo

This is a very important event held in the city of Pistoia and is a cultural in-depth festival dedicated to anthropology born in 2010 and which in the first decade of life saw the presence of over 200,000 people. In connection with the festival nine years ago the publishing series Utet: Dialoghi sull’uomo was born, which has published 18 volumes to date.
For seven years, the festival has also been organizing photographic exhibitions relating to the theme of the year, inviting important contemporary photographers including: Ferdinando Scianna, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Paolo Pellegrin collective exhibitions with photographers from Magnum Photos, Sebastião Salgado EXODUS is currently underway at Palazzo Puontalenti and Palazzo dei Vescovi, Pistoia.
Each edition lasts 3 days during which there are 30 lectures, debates and shows and they take place mainly in the center of Pistoia and occasionally in theaters or other squares.