Multipass Abetone

Abetone is the main ski resort of the Apennines of Pistoia and is only 50 km from Hotel Villa Cappugi. The town has developed around the famous “pyramids” that once marked the border between the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Duchy of Modena.
It has now lost its original function of customs between two states but is still an active center of trade and tourism. In fact, there are over 50 km of ski slopes ideal for many winter sports: from skiing to snowboarding, from cross-country skiing to snow walkings.
The tracks of the Multipass Abetone area are particularly appreciated because they are surrounded by vast coniferous woods and high peaks. Descending along the snowy slopes, you are immersed in a beautiful mountain landscape, wrapped in the silence typical of the high mountain.
Each track is well marked and indicated according to the difficulty level. Are available for skiers some blue tracks (for beginners), some red tracks (medium level) and some black tracks (for experts).
When summer comes it is possible to face the tracks on special mountain bikes. The Multipass Abetone area is then transformed into a perfect sports center for bicycle and hiking enthusiasts.