Pieve di Sant’Andrea

The Pieve di Sant’Andrea is located just outside the historic center area, easily reachable along via del Duca, a crossroads of the central via degli Orafi.
La Pieve has a vertical construction which makes it very particular and fascinating. The façade has a black and white marble facing, typical of the Pistoia Romanesque churches even if in this case there is a strong Pisan influence.
Inside we find on the median portal the depiction of the journey of the Magi, a very particular thing that is explained by the fact that this church was located along the route of the ancient Via Francigena.
Very famous is the pulpit of Sant’Andrea, a masterpiece by Giovanni Pisano. Its construction took 3 years, from 1298 to 1301. The structure takes up that of the pulpit of the Pisan Baptistery with a hexagonal shape that rests on 7 columns (one for each vertex plus a central one).
The scenes are very crowded and the particular plays of light or shadow created by the high relief make the figures dynamic and alive.