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Du 18 Juin 2015 au 06 Août 2015

Percorsi notturni 2015

Thursday nights in Pistoia are dedicated to shopping. Shops open from 21.00 to 24.00 in the old town

Du 27 Avril 2015 au 31 Décembre 2016


Pitti Immagine organizes some of the most important fashion events in the world: international exhibitions of textile-quality clothing and exhibitions, ...

Du 01 Mai 2015 au 31 Octobre 2015

Toscana & Expo2015

Book your stay at our hotel and we will plan your visit to Expo 2015.The exhibition is reachable in 2 ...

Du 09 Septembre 2012 au 30 Décembre 2015

Hotel Villa Cappugi - Fattoria di Celle : a collection contemporary art in Tuscany

A few steps from the Hotel Villa Cappugi, a magical place full of art and emotions, where nature and culture ...

Du 07 Janvier 2015 au 07 Janvier 2016

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