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Del 01 Julio 2012 al 30 Junio 2014


Train Historic Park Museum Park: Villa Cappugi Tuscany Hotel in Pistoia

The main lines of the project are the protection and enhancement of industrial archeology pointing to recovery of some dilapidated structures in poor condition (equipping the areas with exhibition spaces and routes structured) and to maintain the functionality of the workshop for the maintenance activities of fleet.
In open areas, where the binaries will be placed locomotives, locomotives, carriages and wagons, the turntable working, reporting tools, the column of water supply, trade. Will also be adequately equipped the yard entrance, its greenery, parking areas, pedestrian traffic, the reception areas.
The covered walkway is comprised of several buildings and artifacts. For example, a large building (3,600 sqm) located along the avenue Pertini (on the north side of the museum) is ideal as an entrance to the museum and will be so used to the functions of ticketing, information, reception, conference room with projection bar - restaurant, book - shop.
The former Deposit electric drive (built in the thirties and unused since 1994) is proposed as the Polo in the Park exhibition and documentary. Its large size (about 40 meters by 40) and the presence within it of two overhead cranes (6 and 15 tons) for preserving and displaying historic rail vehicles can also be used for service on the network. Adjacent to the main body is made ??from scratch an area on two levels devoted to the implementation of the "Documentation Center" with an exhibition of maps, documents, photos, drawings, models and dioramas, the history of railways.
Finally, the operational heart of the park: the workshop traction steam locomotives in the former deposit. This is a building constructed in the second half of the housing and maintenance of traction of approximately 1,200 square feet.

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