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Del 09 Septiembre 2012 al 30 Diciembre 2015


Hotel Villa Cappugi - Fattoria di Celle : a collection contemporary art in Tuscany

A few steps from the Hotel Villa Cappugi, a magical place full of art and emotions, where nature and culture meet, Fattoria di Celle is all questo.La farm hidden in the park that surrounds it houses an important collection of 'environmental art that Giuliano Gori and his family have set up the early eighties to the present day, in this place international artists were invited to create installations in the picturesque open spaces in the park and in the agricultural area, like in' inside the historic buildings in various other facilities to rurali.Oggi cells can be counted nearly eighty installations completed, but what matters most is that the initiative has given rise to a large creative workshop that continues unabated in the production and testing of new languages ??expressed in different contemporary artistic disciplines .. And 'possible on request develop programs, workshops and classes for all ages. A special place in Pistoia near the Hotel Villa Cappugi, selected among the top two hundred most important art institutions in the world, as well as being widely cited and discussed in major encyclopedias and honored with countless awards and accolades.

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