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Del 23 Mayo 2014 al 25 Mayo 2014

Dialogues on Man 5th edition

The fifth edition of Pistoia - Dialogues on humans, the anthropology of the contemporary cultural festival, will take place May ...

Del 01 Julio 2012 al 30 Junio 2014

Hotel Villa Cappugi Pistoia -The Old Antiques Market in Pistoia Tuscany

The antiques market in Pistoia moves in the new Cathedral of the large rooms in the former areas Breda. The ...

Del 09 Septiembre 2012 al 30 Junio 2014

Salvadori Art: where born the works of Botero

Not everyone knows that the copy in bronze sculpture "Judith and Holofernes" (1453/1457) of the Florentine master Donatello, located in ...